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Health is wealth. Health is very important to all. Without good health no one can do anything good in life. Short-term illnesses are normal and we come naturally out of it. Sometimes, some people suffer from chronic disease, and they do not get any respite with treatments or healing methods. Long-term disease and chronic diseases are mainly due to the effects of the people's former karma and their ascendants. In every horoscope there is a main plan in charge of good health. Shani and Moon conjunct or Rahu and Moon conjunct etc. In such cases, the person will certainly be affected by the poor health. If the influence of these planks is very strong and permanent, the health of the person will be severely affected and will continue for a long time. If these planet positions and its influence are too strong, the disease becomes a long-term nature.

Illness can be caused by a person by their bad habits like drinking, smoking and bad eating habits and so forth. Only wrong planetary positions will lead to such dispositions of a person against bad habits. Each body and its functions are controlled by each planet and star. So an expert astrologer can identify the nature of the disease, its severity. He can also identify the remedial measures that can change the life of the person forever.

Vedic astrology has the health segment, and it is highly predictable about health problems and can also provide remedial measures. Our expert astrologer Ramdial has extensive healthcare experience and his services include spiritual healing and Pujas for good health. Vedic astrology provides strong evidence of an astrological remedy against health problems. From ancient times, people have taken respite in astrology for health-related information and healing

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